Grillerette Pro - The Smartest Charcoal Grill!

Grillerette Pro: The Smartest Charcoal Grill

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Don't forget the Grillerette Pro Accessory Kit - the perfect complement to your brand new Grillerette Pro!

The Grillerette Pro is a lightweight, portable, battery-powered charcoal grill that is perfect for every occasion!


  • Battery-powered fan gets charcoal lit faster and keeps it hot for as long as you need!
  • Speed control on the fan lets you set your own temperature up to 450 degrees, using just 4 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)!
  • Perfect for every occasion: patio cooking, tailgating, at the beach & anywhere with friends & family!


  • Innovative grill plate design blocks grease from spilling on the charcoal, which creates a 90% reduction in smoke!
  • This unique design makes the Grillerette Pro extremely versatile and allows you grill anywhere, even on your patio!


  • Since the Grillerette Pro is a charcoal-based BBQ grill, the food is enhanced with a hint of smokiness and that authentic charcoal flavor!
  • Gets hotter than other portable grills at up to 450 degrees for better temperature control of your grill enabling you to cook more types of meat and vegetables with better consistency and flavor!


  • Perfect for every occasion: patio cooking, tailgating, at the beach & anywhere with friends & family!
  • Comes with an ultra-convenient light-weight portable travel bag!
  • Grillerette and travel bag is extremely portable, weighing in at under 7 pounds!
  • Cleaning is a breeze -- just empty out used charcoal (once cool) and simply wipe off the canister and grill plate...and you’re done!


  • Grill plate works great for meat, fish, vegetables, etc. Get creative with what you grill on your very own Grillerette Pro!
  • You can use regular charcoal and lighter fluid with the grill or try lighter gel for a truly smoke-free experience!
  • Optional accessories kit available that includes everything you need: a basting brush, tongs, a separate grill for indirect grilling and a lid with temperature monitoring!

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