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PR4.8/PR68 Pizzarette Classic

"The World's FUNNEST Pizza Owen'





Welcome to the family

The TableTop Chefs family welcomes you to the excitement of the Pizzarette, the world's bestsell

ing tabletop pizza oven for the last 15 years Wetried it and fell in love, and we know you will too.

FoodandFun, our European pizza-perfecting partner, has been redesigning this very oven in front

of you with more than ten different versions over the years. We're so excited to bring it to you now

that it's available for the first time in the USA You are about to experience the fun and excitement

that Pizzarette owners around the world have been enjoying for years

We know you want to jump in and make amazing pizzas with your friends and family right away,

but first we recommend you take sometime to try our recipes, watch some videos and learn a few

tricks. We especially want you to learn about the safety requirements to ensure nobody gets hurt

while cooking. When used properly, the Pizzarette can be safe and fun for the whole family.

Please visit us at for videos, recipes and other helpful tips. While you're at it,

we encourage you to send in your favorite recipes for a chance to win fun prizes Of course, we

always welcome your feedbacktoo. If you have a greatexperience, we would love apositive review

from you! If you are not satisfied, please contact us or your distributor, and we will make it right.

We stand behind our products and our fully committed to your satisfaction.

Enjoy your brand new pizza oven! (We know you will.)

-TheTableTop Chefs




S= U ا


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  1. Read these instructions carefully and thoroughly, and keep them in a safe place.
  2. if you share this appliance with a third party, these operating instructions must

also be handed over.

  1. Incorrect operation and handling can lead to malfunction of the appliance and

injuries to the user.

  1. Besure to keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children.
  2. Disconnect the plug from the socket when the appliance is not in use and before


  1. if the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its

service agentor similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

  1. This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications

where plenty of space and ventilation is available. It should not be used in any other location or manner.

  1. This appliance is neither suitable for commercial use nor for use in the open air.
  2. Before inserting the plug into the electrical socket, please check that the current and power supply comply with the specifications on the type plate.
  3. Ensure that the cable is not hung over sharp edges and keep it away from hot

objects and open flames.

  1. Place the appliance on a stable, level surface and not close to hotobjects or open

flames (e.g. hotplates).

  1. The machine should not be operated by means of an external timer-switch orby

means of a separate system with remote control.

  1. Never leave the appliance unattended during use.


  1. The Pizzarette oven gets very hot and you can burn yourself if you touch the heating element, baking sheetor other metal when in operation. We recom mend not letting children under the age of 8 add or remove pizza themselves. This appliance should not be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. Anyone with lack of experience and knowledge should have close supervi sion and use precautions until comfortable. Read the instructions infull before use.
  2. Children shall not play with the appliance in any manner. It is notatoy and should

betreated as an oven, which can be dangerous if misused.

  1. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be handled by children unless they are

older than 8 years and under direct supervision. 4. Children are unable to recognize the hazards associated with incorrect handling

handling of electrical appliances. Therefore, children should never use this, or any other, electric household appliances unsupervised.

  1. Parts of the appliance become hot during use. Therefore, the appliance

must only be held by the handle. Avoid touching the metal parts as they become very hot.

  1. Do not immerse the appliance or the plugin water or other liquid. There

is an extreme risk of electrical shock if this were to happen!

  1. The baking surfaces as well as thesides and top of the appliance get very

hot. Avoid any contact. There is a danger of burning if mishandled Only hold and lift by the handle. The appliance mustalways be positioned hori zontally during use.

  1. Regarding the instructions for cleaning the surfaces that come in contact

with food, please refer to the paragraph "cleaning and maintenance" of the manual.

PARTSDESCRIPTION (please refer to page 2)

DOme PR4.8/PR6.8 Bakingsheet PR6.6Pizzastone Knob

Power cord and plug Spatula (PR4.8: 4 pieces PR6.6/PR6.8; 6 pieces) Dough cutter

Control light

Heating element



  1. There are no tools required to assemble the knob. Slide the bolt of the knob

through the top hole of the terracotta dome. Use the washer and the wingnut on the inside of the dome and tightenthem by hand. Do not over-tighten. if over-tightened, the terracotta dome may break.

  1. Clean the baking sheet before using the appliance for the first time (see

"Cleaning and maintenance"#1). The appliance may emit some smoke and a characteristic smell when you switch it on for the first time. This is normal and will dissipate



  1. Place the appliance on a flat, stable, heat-resistant and splash-proof surface

where it cannotfall.

  1. Clean the heating element before plugging in.
  2. Plug in the power cord into a grounded outlet wall socket to turn on the


  1. The control lighton the Pizzarette will turn on and the appliance will begin heating up.

NOTE: Turn on the pizza oven 15 minutes before use.


If you have the stainless steel spatula, you can bake the pizza on the spatula or directly on the baking sheet. If you have the plasticspatula, please cook directly on the sheet. The plasticspatulashould only be used for inserting and removing the pizza. If left intoo long, it will begin to melt. If you would like more stainless steel spatulas, those are available separately,


Place the dough, the sauce and all the ingredients in small plates on the table around the Pizzarette.

Put some flour on the backside of the dough to avoid sticking and place it on the spatula. Coat with tomato sauce, leaving an edge of about a quarter of an inch free. Don't spray additional olive oil on your pizza. Insert the pizza into one of the dome openings by using the spatula and bake the pizza directly on the baking sheetor pizzastone. Loading up your pizza with too manyingredients will result in a longer cooking time and some may ingredients may spill over onto the baking sheet - don't Overdo it

The bakingtime depends on thetype of dough, the pizzatoppings, the number of pizzas to be baked at the same time and the ambient conditions where the pizza oven is located.

Under normal conditions the pizza is ready in about 4 to 7 minutes. It is best to slide the hot pizzas onto a flatplate. Careful: the spatula and the pizzas will be hot Place the spatula on aheat-resistant surface.

Turn off the Pizzarette after use by pulling the plug from the socket and allow the Pizzarette to cool down at least 30 minutes before cleaning and storing. Be Sure the oven is cool to the touch prior to moving and cleaning.


Pizza preparation: Pizza dough (for 4 people)

500 gr. whiteflour

1 tsp salt

4tsp olive oil 20gr fresh yeast or 1 satchel of dried yeast 250 ml lukewarm water

if not using ready-made dough: combine the flour, salt and oil in a bowl. If using fresh yeast, dissolve it in the water and mix until Smooth, then combine with the flour, if using dried yeast, mixit directly with the flour and then add the oil and water. When all the ingredients are mixed, knead the dough by hand and continually pull and stretch it. You could also use a mixer with dough hooks or a food processor. Form the dough into a balland leave covered for 45 minutes in a warm place until it has risen to double thesize. Sprinkle the dough with a bit offlour; roll it out to aquarterofan inchthickness. Turn the dough around a few times and sprinkle with flour in order to prevent sticking; form pizzas with the dough cutter. Puttherounds on a plate with grease-proof paper and lots of whiteflour betweenthem to avoid sticking. While the dough is rising you can prepare the remaining ingredients.

Tomato sauce:

1 can peeled tomatoes

1 Small cantomato paste

Salt, pepper, Oregano

2tbsp olive oil

2 pressed cloves of garlic Finely chop the peeled tomatoes and mixthem with the otheringredients.

Possible toppings:

mozzarella, grated parmesan cheese, grated gouda cheese, basil, arugula, olives, mushrooms, ancho

vies, capers, pineapple, artichokehearts, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, ham, salami, Smoked salmon, shrimp, canned tuna.


  1. Allow the hot appliance to cool down at least30 minutes before cleaning and storing.
  2. When hot, the terracotta dome must never come into contact with water or

be placed on a cold surface (danger of Cracks).

  1. Normally, the terracotta dome does not have to be cleaned. If cleaning is necessary, use

clear, warm water and a softbrush.

  1. Caution: the terracotta dome is sensitive to breakage and is not suitable for a dishwasher.
  2. Don't put any parts in the dishwasher. Rinse the pizzaspatulas with warm

water and a brush. PR4.8/PR6.8: Rinse the baking sheet with warm water and a soft brush. PR6.6:The pizzastone can be cleaned with a soft, dry brush and if needed with a damp cloth. Never immerse into water or rinse directly under the tap.

  1. Never submergethe base in water. The surface can be cleaned by using amoist cloth or


  1. Always use the original box to store the appliance and its accessories to avoid damage.
  2. if the appliance is not to be used for a period of time, the baking sheetshould be lightly

oiled or greased to preventrust.


Operating voltage:Power: USA VerSiOn 11OV 4 person power: 800-900W 6 person power: 1000-1200W


Before delivery our devices are subjected to rigorous quality control. If despite all care, damage has occurred during production or transportation, please return the device to the point of purchase. In addition to statutory legal rights, the purchaser has an option to claim under the terms of the following guarantee: For the purchased device we provide 1 years warranty on components only, commencing from the day of sale. If you have a defective product, you should reach out directly to the point of purchase.

Defects that arise due to improper handling of the device and malfunctions due to interventions and repairs by third parties or the fitting of non-original parts are not covered by this guarantee. Always keep your receipt, without the receipt you can't claim any form of warranty. Damage caused by not following the instruction manual will lead to avoid of warranty, and if this results in consequential damages, we will not beliable. Neither can we hold responsible formaterial damage or personal injury caused by improper use if the instruction manual is not properly followed. Damage to accessories does not mean free replacement of the whole appliance. In such cases, please contact ourservice department. Broken glass or breakage of plastic parts is always subject to a charge. Defects to Consumables or parts subjected to wearing, as well as cleaning, maintenance or the replacement of said parts are not covered by the warranty and if replacements are needed, must be paid for by the purchaser.