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Deep Dish Pans (Pack of 2)

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Pizzarette Deep Dish Pans - Set of 2 Deep Dish Pans for the Pizzarette - “The World’s Funnest Pizza Oven!” – Includes 2 New Deep Dish Pans

  • Special deep dish pans designed exclusively for use with the Pizzarette

  • With the deep dish pans for the Pizzarette, you can bake a wide array of creative dishes! Experiment with a range of creations from morning egg dishes to deep dish pizzas and delicious baked desserts! 

  • Side walls keep your food in the pan for an easy baking experience! 

  • Pans can be used in either the Pizzarette Classic or Pizzarette Stone model 

  • 1 set comes with 2 deep dish pans.

  • This product can only be shipped to the USA currently.   Canada coming later this year

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