Ultimate Dinner Fun with Raclette Cooking

Ultimate Dinner Fun with Raclette Cooking

Raclette Cooking

If you want to have a fun cooking session with your friends, raclette cooking is the idea for you! The name raclette means the melting of the cheese. It comes from the French word “racler” which means “to scrape.” Raclette cooking, simply put, is tabletop cooking. Rather than being confined to a stovetop or an oven, you prepare and cook your food at the table with your family or guests, so it’s a fun cooking event all together. An example of raclette cooking you may already be familiar with is fondue; another is a hot pot.
You don’t have to be the perfect cook to prepare the most amazing and the yummiest raclette dishes, as raclette dishes are simple to cook. Typically raclette is cooked in small portions giving you the liberty to experiment a little and come up with your own dishes as per your taste and likeness. Each person can individualize their own dish, making it personal and fun.

Now that you got the basic idea of raclette cooking, let’s have a look at some different ideas and the tastiest raclette dishes that you can make at your raclette party.


One of the most delicious raclette dishes, Fondue, is prepared by spearing bread or fruit and dipping it into the fondue pot of melted cheese or sauce. The next step is to twirl the bread gently for coating it in the cheese or sauce. The cheese fondue dish can be a perfect raclette cooking dish to try with your friends and make your cooking experience much more fun and tasty.

Hot Pot

Hot Pot makes for an another fun dish to be prepared at a party that you are hosting at your home as all your guests can have it as per their liking. The hot pot is cooked on the table with the ingredients placed on the table as well; the guests add their desired ingredient into the hot pot and let it cook before they eat it. The dish requires a fair amount of chopping beforehand, but with this planned prepwork it can turn out to be a unique and entertaining raclette cooking style dish for your party.


Pizzarette is an extremely popular pizza cooking appliance as it allows the guests to create their own mini pizzaz right on the kitchen table! A special Italian pizza oven is placed at the center of the table and plugged in to warm up. The dough is cut out by using the dough cutter that is supplied, and all the other ingredients (e.g. tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, paprika, sausages, salami, Spanish peppers, mushrooms, smoked salmon, fresh herbs, onion rings, anchovy, grated parmesan) are placed to each person’s liking on their own mini pizza! The beauty of the Pizzarette is not just the raclette cooking style for pizzas; it can cook other items as well, such as bruschetta or eggs or even any kind of fun baked dessert! It is a truly engaging and fun device to have on hand for all types of meals and celebrations…and kids love it!  You can even get some pizzarette accessories like pans and spatulas.


The Grillerette is not a true raclette in that it is used more for a BBQ experience than a traditional indoor racelette experience, but it is still made for friends to sit around and eat together, and it also features 90% less smoke than normal BBQ’s, which makes it perfect for patio settings! Try sitting around the patio table and cooking your own meats and vegetables (or whatever you want!) with the Grillerette, and you and your friends will find that it is quite a lot of fun!

To sum it up, the concept of raclette cooking has become more popular than ever as it is easy to cook, makes for a more fun cooking experience, and everyone can have their dish just as they want. Watch some videos and try different styles with your friends if you haven’t done so yet, and share your experience in the comment section below!

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