Pizzarette – Not Just for Dinner Parties!

Pizzarette – Not Just for Dinner Parties!

Pizzarette is the new trend with pizza lovers. It allows them to make the pizza on their own, with their own special ingredients, in the company of their loved ones. If you are having a friend’s gathering at your place, opt for Pizzarette rather than ordering food from the restaurant, as it will make for a fun yet a healthy experience of creating your own pizza while enjoying the time with your buddies.

The best part about Pizzarette is that you can use its apparatus for not only pizza dinners, but for breakfast and desserts as well. Wondering how? Let’s have a look at few ideas for Pizzarette parties which will guarantee a fun-filled time with your loved ones.

Summertime Pizza Lunch

If you want your kids to indulge in healthy activities during their summer vacation, pizza lunch is a fantastic option. Use your Pizzarette pizza oven to make the healthiest pizzas for your kids by allowing them to add healthy ingredients as per their liking. Provide them the freshest ingredients along with different vegetables and encourage them to make their own pizzas. However, you need to supervise and guide them throughout this activity. Summertime pizza lunch party with your kids will also teach them some basic cooking skills and healthy eating habits. It will give them a chance to try new healthy toppings and topping combinations as well!

Pizzarette Breakfast

Pizzarette breakfast can help you to get a fun and healthy start to the day. If you have friends over at your place for an overnight stay and you want to continue the fun times the next day as well, start it with Pizzarette breakfast. Use the deep dish spatula to make eggs and omelets. It will allow your friends to make their omelet with their own set of ingredients, according to their taste and liking.

Pizzarette Dessert

With Pizzarette, there is no limit to experimentation. You can use it so many imaginative ways. One of the unique ways to use the Pizzarette is the Pizzarette spatula and deep dish pans to make mouthwatering desserts. All you need to do is to mix up a basic cookie batter, and place this batter in the Pizzarette deep dish spatulas. Each of your friends can add their own set of ingredients to make their cookies of choice: dried fruits, walnuts, chocolate chips, fudge, peanut butter – the sky is the limit! Once you have added the desired ingredients, bake the cookies in the Pizzarette. You can either enjoy these cookies on their own, or you can get even more creative and add a scope of your favorite ice cream flavor for extra options.

Now that you know the diverse ways in which you can use the versatile deep dish Pizzarette spatula, you can come up with your own experiments and use it at any time of the day for making mouthwatering meals. From everyone’s favorite pizza to delicious desserts, you can make anything in the amazing Pizzarette. Get it now if you haven’t already, and have fun cooking time with your friends and family!



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