Grillerette – A New Way to BBQ

Grillerette – A New Way to BBQ

If you are looking to host a gathering of your friends, barbecuing is definitely one of the most fun things you can do! The experience of live cooking on the grill with your loved ones will certainly make for a fun and memorable event. However, cleaning up the mess BBQ can leave behind is definitely not a fun experience for the host. Furthermore, the excessive smoke that comes out during the BBQ also has some unhealthy effects on the chefs and the environment.

You can keep all the hassles of BBQ’ing away and enjoy a healthy and convenient BBQ party with the Grillerette! Not only is the process of barbecuing much more efficient, but the fact that it emits 90% less smoke than the regular BBQ grill makes it healthier and safer.

Grillerette – how does it work?

The Grillerette has a battery operated fan that blows air along the lit charcoal to keep it lit to the proper temperature. This feature allows the grill-master to monitor and adjust the actual heat of the grill by turning the fan up or down to achieve the desired grilling temperature.

Due to the innovative design of the Grillerette grill, grease does not drip into the coals; rather it runs into the sides of the pan. This particular feature lessens the smoke emitted by the Grillerette by 90% and makes it much safer for the environment and healthier for those doing the grilling!

Due to Grillerette’s design, cleanup is a snap. Washing the gill surface is quite simple with warm soapy water. Due to its size, it’s quite easy to wash in any kitchen sink. Also, the small amount of coals used means quick and easy cleanup of the coals from the inside of the grill as well, rather than having to dump a large quantity of coals from a huge BBQ and find a place to dispose of them all.

Apart from the major factors mentioned above, there are quite a lot of other reasons that make Grillerette a better option for BBQ than the other grills. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Faster Start-Up

Grillerette is superior to regular BBQ grills due to its ability of quick start up. If you are using lighting gel, place a few drops underneath the coal basket. This allows you to light the coals from the bottom, which helps them to catch faster and gets you cooking faster!
Gets Hotter for Better Cooking

By increasing the intensity of the fan and due to its smart design, you can get up to temperatures of 450 and above quicker, which allows you to cook certain foods that require higher heat quicker.

Stays Hot with Ease

Grillerette has the ability to stay hot for a longer period of time with absolute ease and convenience, which makes it the best option for a long BBQ night with your friends.
Can be Used in Smaller Places

Due to its compact size, Grillerette can be used in smaller spaces than most traditional grills. Additionally, you can transport and use it easily anywhere you want to because of the small size and with the convenient travel bag that comes with it. It’s ideal for taking with you to a tailgate party, camping, or to a beach picnic or cookout.

To sum up, our indoor Pizzarette oven is great, but when you are heading for an outdoor picnic or want to arrange a BBQ party with your friends on your terrace, Grillerette is the ideal choice – it is the smartest charcoal grill! . Its extensive features will ensure that your BBQ experience is the BEST!

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